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We create your Virtual Showroom

+Visits, +Clients, +Sales

Save on business trips
24H, 365 days a year
Reach all your potentials customers
Optimize your samples
Integrated with your TexleNet's profile
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Increase your commercial reach

Digitize your materials and become a sustainable supplier for new buyers from all over the world

Direct communication

Create group and individual message threads and share documents and materials.

Register your company

Create a company profile to increase visibility towards buyers. Add your contact information, SUSTAINABLE certificates, test reports, etc.

Promote your sustainability

Texlenet helps you showcase your sustainability initiatives such as Better Cotton Initiative, LWG, Oeko-Tex, and many more. Upload your certificates to verify your profile

Increase your customer base

A digital ecosystem that connects suppliers and buyers around the world for a more efficient, transparent and profitable material sourcing