Virtual Showroom for either Footwear and Textile

+Visits, +Clients, +Sales

Save on business trips
24H, 365 days a year
Optimize your samples
Connected to orders
Integrated with Texlenet or your own webpage
Analytics included

Take your business to the next level

Present as if your client were at your fair stand, without intermediaries

We have more than 10 years in the fashion sector

Result of Our Clients. Press on play!

Increase sales

Increase your sales by reducing requests for information and product

Highlights your main features

Highlight the aspects that make your product valuable

Increase your customer base

The Showroom allows you to capture leads 365 days a year

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Free demo

We meet with you to better understand your needs and thus be able to prepare a tailor-made solution


We prepare a personalized economic proposal and discuss the steps to follow in the process of creating your Virtual Showroom.

3D Scan and Delivery

Once the scan is done, we deliver your virtual showroom within 48 hours *

Más de 20 empresas se unen a Texlenet en su lanzamiento

La firma de componentes del calzado ilicitana Analco se une a la startup de Elda, Texlenet, plataforma europea para el sector, con el fin de virtualizar sus colecciones y aumentar su alcance comercial.

¿Cómo les beneficia?

Harán uso de los servicios de digitalización para esa virtualización del catálogo, que permitirá a su personal comercial presentar colecciones a distancia de una manera interactiva y así también reducir viajes y recabar más datos interesantes. Además trabajarán por acompañar a clientes en momentos previos y posteriores a ferias con el fin de fidelizar y de aumentar la relación con la marca.

We have more than 10 years in the fashion sector

Result of Our Clients. Press on play!

Texlenet according to the press

The traditional way of doing things

You can spend up to 20 thousand EUR a year (and more !!!) going to physical fairs, getting many cards but only a few loyal customers