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Something that we are very clear about is that if we stop listening to our clients, everything loses meaning.
Therefore, it is better that they are the ones who tell you about us.

Mario Cortés- Karine Arabian

Karine Arabian is a brand with origins in Paris (France) and more than 25 years of history, as well as a strong international presence.
Mario Cortés, its product developer and person in charge of supervising / coordinating productions in Spain and Portugal, tells us how Texlenet can add value to his company.


The TEXTILIN company has relied on our virtual showroom services to provide a unique experience to its customers.
They cover all types of fabrics for the footwear and accessories industry both nationally and internationally. They are specialists in 100% organic and recycled fabrics made with natural fiber, such as cotton or linen.

Cristina Núñez - Cristinilla Brand

Cristinilla is an emerging brand (Spain) in need of looking for competitive and sustainable suppliers for its designs.
Cristina, her designer, tells us how Texlenet can add value to her company now that traveling to fairs abroad is more complicated.

Francisco San Martín - TL San Martín

TL San Martín has been manufacturing and supplying leather collections for sectors such as footwear and accessories for more than 25 years. Its general director Francisco San Martín explains us its impression about the platform and how Texlenet can add value to his company while reducing his operational costs .

Francisco Pérez - Estudio Soria

Francisco Pérez is a model maker and manager of the second generation of a women's footwear design studio which dates back to the 1960s. The company develops collections and samples for brands from both the European and American continents.

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Jorge San Martín

Growth Manager & Founder

"I am in charge of constantly improving the user experience, generating value through analysis"

Giulio Romagnoli

B2B Alliances & Co-Founder

"In charge of generating new synergies with potential partners"

Pablo Pérez

Customer Support

"I maintain Texlenet's existing relationships with our customers so that they continue to use our solution."

Analco signs the startup Texlenet to virtualize its collections and increase its commercial reach

Specifically, they will make use of our digitization services for the virtualization of its catalog, which will allow their sales staff to present collections remotely in an interactive way and thus also reduce trips and collect more interesting data.
They will also work to accompany clients before and after fairs in order to build loyalty and increase the relationship with the brand.

Texfor chooses the start up Texlenet for the European program Stand Up!

Texfor, confederation of the textile industry, has selected the Texlenet project to participate in the EU program to support entrepreneurship in innovation and sustainability for young entrepreneurs in the textile sector, Stand Up!